Ewelina Kawczynska


Hey, I am Ewelina

A journalist, writer and a blogger. I am an energy bomb at work and in my free time. I can help you to get the right content on your website, get you audience and tell your story so you stay out from your competition.

I grew up in Poland and when I was eighteen I decided to move abroad. A life is an adventure but only when you decide to make it one. I lived in six different countries and met people from all over the world. Working as a journalist for different media outlets I discovered that every country is different so are the people. I covered terrorist attacks in Brussels and Barcelona, Mobile World Congress, countless EU summits but also minority rights issues in Uganda. Telling a story is my passion if its written or in a video.

News Coverage

If you need breaking news coverage I am here to help you get a video package or a live. I have ten years experience working for international media such as Fox News, Associated Press, Euronews and CNN. I covered the European Union Affairs; terrorist attacks in Brussels and Barcelona. I also experience with human rights. I worked in Thailand and Uganda covering minority rights issues.

External Communications/ Community Management

If you have a great idea for business but you don’t know how to attract clients I am here to do the job for you. You want to describe everything in ten pages? There is no need. I will help you to organize your thoughts and create a content you love. I will make sure your website looks different from the competition. I will also help you with your branding.

Social Media

I am not an expert on social media but I do work with people who are.  Maciej Wojtowicz has seven years of experience working on social media with brands like Avis Budget Group, BNI Poland, Sarantis Group and many others. He led social ads campaigns and provided copywriting services for startups, well-established brands and international corporations. He will guide you through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and whatever is best for your business.

Video and Photo

If you want to create a business you love and you don’t  know how to convey your message the best is to make a short video. I will help you with the script, filming, editing and promoting it on social media.

Conference Moderator

You are organizing a conference with international audience and you do not have anyone to moderate and ask questions to the public. I jump in! From business, politics to technology I cover all the topics.