Covid-19 News

Always look on the bright side of Life

It has been one week now of lockdown in Barcelona. One week for me because I still went out on the streets until Sunday. As a hyperactive person who has a bit of ADHD I found it extremely difficult to stay at home. I moved into my friends place for the quarantine period in order to not be alone. The first week was very difficult. You get all this negative information from everywhere. You are bombarded with the numbers of people dying all over Europe. Bad news is everywhere. Your friends are starting to freak out, whatsapp groups are booming, your parents tell you to come home but you can not because there are no more flights and even if there were you don’t want to get the virus on the way and pass it to your family. As a journalist I know how the media works, the worse the news is, the more public it gets. (Sad but true) So I tried to keep a distance even though it was difficult. At least by filtering what I read: only checking medical journal sources, the WHO website, and talking with doctors. If you start to believe everything there is on social media you just go crazy. So the best thing to do is STOP. After day 4 of panic and sadness I got to the next stage- acceptance. I started to look at the bright side. As I have too much energy, I normally only go home to go to sleep. I’ve now decided to take some time for myself to meditate, to do yoga, to read and to cook. My friend and I do yoga together every morning and in the evening we meditate. It really helps us to stay calm and be productive.

Finally I found time to clean my apartment, I found time to call my best friend. I went back to the routine of writing my journal, I finally wrote all the travel blog posts I wanted, I signed up for online courses. And guess what I realized? I would never have done that if it were not for the Coronavirus. I would just rush like crazy, dancing 4x a week, rushing from one event to another, always busy, always running.

I have been through many things in life, I have been deported, I have had malaria and denge. I have been attacked with a knife, almost raped. At one point I was wondering, why am I still alive? Maybe I have a guardian angel. And you know what? Yes I do have a guardian angel and instead of complaining I can’t leave the house now, that I can’t go dancing, that I can’t go on a date, go hiking. I decided to accept the situation and take the most out of it because in life you always need to look at the bright side. And maybe now people will start to appreciate things they always took for granted, such as going for a walk, dancing, meeting with friends, traveling, doing sports. So now is the time. Stay at home, learn new skills, get to know yourself, because once it is all over you will become a better person. As a hyperactive human being, believe me I know it’s difficult but if we all follow the rules, very soon it will be all over. Our grandparents went through a war, our parents went through communism and all we have to do is stay at home with internet connection and a good book. So I guess we can all agree that it’s not that bad.