Catalan Independence News

Covering protests in Barcelona

I always wanted to work as a war correspondent and go to dangerous places. I guess covering the protests in Barcelona was a great training because I realized it was not a piece of cake. I was lucky that during the protests I was working with very experienced cameraman who worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told me exactly what to do and what not to. So when the police was throwing the tear gas at the protesters i knew I can’t run like everyone else but I need to go to the side and just wait. It was also very challenging when I had a Live and people started to throw eggs at me and my camera as they thought we were from the Spanish TV(TVE). So you have to stay calm and continue with your Live. Also it happened that one of the Catalans just took our microphone and didn’t want to give it back. Once they find out that you are a foreign correspondent they become nicer but we don’t always have the microphone from the TV station so it can be tricky.¬† I definitely improved my skills as a journalist to work well under pressure¬† in a hostile and dangerous environment. Once you are on the streets and you have eight Lives a day it is much easier later to work in a “normal” environment so it was a great training for me. I think I am ready now to go to a war zone;)