Covid-19 News

Fake News – No, thank you

Coronavirus has changed our society forever. People started to get depressed, afraid; they don’t trust each other anymore. And why is this happening? Is it because of coronavirus? Yes that’s for sure but there is another reason behind it. People are watching too much news. Me saying that is probably suicidal because my livelihood depends on that, however I have to say there is just too much information on coronavirus. People wake up every morning they turn on the TV, 250 more deaths today. During the day they scroll different news websites, then they go to twitter, facebook and whatsapp. People are sharing information without checking them first. It is a fact that people prefer to read about negative things rather then positive. It is sad but true. So what are the media doing? They are focusing on the negative ones because those are the ones that sell well. People who sit at home and are bored are spreading the fake news. There are thousands of conspiracy theories. And you don’t know whom to trust anymore. If you listen to the President of the United States saying that if you inject bleach in your body you might be cured from the covid19 I mean seriously?! If the Head of states, scientists and celebrities are spreading the fake news people of course will believe that. I receive every day about three or four articles or videos from my friends. 90% of them are not true because people share without checking it first. So I please encourage you to not believe in everything you read and watch on youtube. Check your sources; see if the people that are posting don’t have some secret benefits behind it. But also do not believe in everything the public TV or newspapers are telling you. Not everything is hundreds percent accurate. In fact sometimes I see there is just too much propaganda. Of course there is no way you can completely cut yourself from the news but you can definitely find the balance and try not to overload yourself. Watch them in the morning and then just go ahead with your day. But never ever watch the news in the evening. That’s the worst time you can do it. You will end up with stomachache, you will think about it all night and your quality of sleep will be rubbish. If you really want to know the facts check he Medical Journal, WHO, John Hopkins University and as for the news websites I personally like BBC, CNN although even them sometimes are not objective. Last but not least my two favorites John Oliver Week Tonight and Daily Show with Trevor Noah. They are super funny but they do present the facts. And those you can even watch in the evening. As a journalist I want people to watch the news of course but I honestly think that the overdose of news in the current situation can bring you more harm rather then help you. If you want to know more listen to my Live tomorrow on Instagram at 12:00 CET. I will speak with the Psychologist  Nina Uvarova who will explain the effects that the news have on our lives.