Covid-19 News

Life after Covid

We have been closed in our houses for six weeks. For many of us it was hard.  People are social creatures and they want to be hugged, touched and kissed.  Those of us who live alone has not seen anyone apart from the shop assistants. Now most of the countries have released the lockdown at least partially. Spain where I am based introduced special times for going out. For the single, young people it’s between 6am to 10 and from 20 till 23.  I guess the Spanish government didn’t think this threw properly because you have tremendous amount of people at that time rather then later when elderly and people with kids are allowed. I was quite pissed at the beginning with this rule as I can not go out when I actually can really enjoy the sun and get tanned. However I do have to admit that I developed a habit of waking up every day at 6 am and then do yoga or run (although I always hated running). Before you could not get me out of bed before 8am.  So there are some good sides about this situation. Now you will do sport 2x a day and not twice a week;) People who has never run before now started to train for marathons.

But how our life will look like from now on? Will we never be able to greet someone by kissing him or her on the cheek or at least (like in Poland shake their hand). I recently bumped into a friend on a street and I wanted to hug her that was my natural instinct but I could not and it felt so sad.  According to the second stage of the lockdown release we will be allowed to travel within our province and have social gatherings of more then ten people but with the respect of one meter distance.  But how long this will take until we go back to normal? Or can we actually say there is even going back to normal or there is a new reality: Life after Covid?  I guess we will all need to learn how to adjust to this new situation.   Some of us will have to change their qualifications and learn new skills as some of the industries such as tourism and gastronomy are completely destroyed.  But now, we are more connected with ourselves and stronger internally to face new challenges of this reality.  So stay calm, breath in and out and everything is going to be ok.