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What does not kill you only makes you stronger. How to stay motivated during pandemic?

“I have heard there is going to be a recession. I have decided not to participate” Walt Disney

Those words are so true. You are your own boss and you decide your own destiny. If Walt Disney could have made it in the thirties and could have created Mickey Mouse, imagine what can you do now when you have all the technology? I have decided to write this text because I have my own ups and downs during the lockdown and so are my friends. I noticed that if we motivate each other we could survive this pandemic stronger and better.

I am kind of a person that always lives the moment. I usually act before I think sometimes its good sometimes its bad. I try not to postpone things for later. I listen to my intuition and to my heart. For me not much has really changed. I am a freelancer so I work either from home or from a co- work so this whole situation should not surprise me but it actually did. It hit me really strong. I am an incredibly social person. I love meeting new people, I love networking and striking up conversations with strangers. So being in a lockdown for the last almost four weeks was and is a big challenge. But hey, who doesn’t like challenges?

I try to stay motivated and to stay productive. I am trying to educate myself; I went back to learning French. I actually did more progress in learning French in the last three weeks that I did in the last three years living in Barcelona. I also made lot of new good habits. Remember that it takes 21 days to make a habit so its a perfect opportunity during the lockdown. I do yoga every morning, I meditate at least one hour a day and I pay more attention to what I eat. I cook every single day and this has never happened before I usually cooked like 2x a week and a lot so I had enough food for the week but I never really took pleasure in cooking cause I always thought that I don’t have enough time cause I have to go to my tango class or wake up early for a hike. Now I don’t have this time limitations and I can spend all the time I want or need in the kitchen and you know what? I love it! I started to listen to pod casts. I always thought what is the big deal? And now I understood you can learn so many new things and it’s entertaining. I am even thinking to order ukulele and start to learn how to play new instrument. I also learnt the Photoshop something I was always saying I will do it one day and never did finding all sort of excuses.

And yes there are days when I feel completely unproductive and I think what will the future bring? Maybe I will have to look for another job maybe I will have to change my qualifications. And that’s ok because you have to adapt to a new situation and that’s a very important skill to have. From every crisis in the history, people always came out stronger. And remember you are not alone we are all in the same boat. So stay motivated and keep going.